About Us

Planting the seeds of healthy living.

Yolo Farm to Fork is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that supports over 43 edible school gardens throughout Yolo County, located in the heart of California farmland.  We are passionate about garden-centered and farm-based education to elementary students, and is dedicated to bringing locally grown farm-fresh food to school lunches and reducing waste through recycling and composting programs. Our tax ID number is 68-0254919.

We know that kids love to eat what they grow! We want kids to learn where good food comes from, to develop a taste for healthful eating, and to help Yolo County residents get to know where their food comes from and the farmers who grow it.

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Our programs

Our principles

We believe that children will learn lessons that last a lifetime:

When they have the opportunity to grow their own food;
When they can visit local farms, meet farmers and see how crops are grown;
When they can harvest, help prepare and eat fresh, local, seasonal produce;
When they can turn remaining food into compost to replenish their gardens; and
When experiences such as these are woven into their everyday school lessons.

With lessons that are experiential and interconnected, children will learn the importance of keeping their bodies and minds healthy, what it takes to bring food to their table, and community-building skills and lessons of stewardship of the land. These are the building blocks of community and citizenship.

By building programs at the community level, we hope to support our mission of educating the public, and especially children, about a food system that values and cherishes each aspect of the farm-to-fork cycle.