On Friday, 4th grade teacher Eva Dopico with Cesar Chavez Elementary took her class to The Farm on Putah Creek (on 40 acres of farm land in the Putah Creek watershed between Davis and Winters) – and everyone had a great time!

The kids enjoyed the farm, its large walnut orchard and many different types of crops. Amy Williams, field trip coordinator, along with other staff, worked with the class throughout the visit. Kids learned about the farm and its orchard, crops,  native plants, and more. The kids loved pulling beets out of the dirt and finding worms. They also learned about some the wild animals that share the farm, including native owls, river otters, toads, bats. The kids were delighted to see a rare nesting Western Bluebird.

Davis Farm to School’s farm visits are an essential part of telling the story of food, and the lessons a farm can teach are as bountiful as the curiosity and wonder of the children who visit them. They support standards in history/social science, English/language arts, and science, while creating a deeper understanding of the link between farming and the environment, where our food comes from, and the importance of farm preservation. They also reinforce healthy food choices and build connections with the school gardens and the school meal program. The more kids can touch, smell, and taste the things they are learning about, the more deeply they will understand and remember what they learn

There are numerous farms we work with to provide educational opportunities for students. This year, students are visiting Capay Organic, Farm 2.6, Good Humus, Pacific Star Gardens, and The Farm on Putah Creek in April and May.

The farm on Putah Creek is run by The Center for Land Based Learning, a non-profit organization that educates children and adults about nature and agriculture. We appreciate their participation in our program and their hospitality!

A program of Yolo Farm to Fork, Davis Farm to School’s mission is to create an educational and cultural environment in our schools that connects food choices with personal health, community, farms, and the land. This year’s farm trips have been generously sponsored by Whole Foods Davis. For more information, visit www.davisfarmtoschool.org.

~by Beth Harrison, Executive Director


group with Amy Williams, field trip coordinator with Center for Land Based Learning, and Eva Dopico (standing), 4th grade teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary


kids learning about a variety of native plants


kids comparing plants


kids comparing plants


kids picking beets – and finding worms, too


picking beets


looking at the beet roots


learning about the native birds, their diet of rodents, and the bird boxes


Amy Williams, field trip coordinator for Center for Land Based Learning, showing a nesting box with a rare Western Bluebird