Our Programs

Planting the Seeds of Healthy Living

Yolo Farm to Fork supports edible school gardens and provides garden-centered and farm-based education to students.  We are dedicated to bringing locally grown farm-fresh food to school meals and to reducing waste through recycling and composting.

We are fortunate to live in the heartland of California’s farm-to-fork movement and are passionate about preserving our agricultural heritage, while cultivating a taste for fresh, healthy, foods, and sharing the value of eating food straight out of the garden.  We strive to teach children how their food choices are intimately connected to their health, community, and environment. We currently reach more than 8,000 kids in 43 Yolo County schools with our edible school gardens, farm trips, grants, supplies, and other support.  That does not include our extended reach to families and other stakeholders.

Children learn lessons that last a lifetime and will be passed to future generations when:

they have the opportunity to plant seeds and grow their own food;

they can visit local farms, meet farmers, and see how crops are grown;

they can harvest, help prepare and eat fresh, local, seasonal produce;

they can turn remaining food into compost to revitalize the soil and replenish their gardens; and

experiences like these are woven into their classroom lessons.


To sustain our edible garden programs we use a community-based approach that empowers each school to achieve their goals.  Yolo Farm to Fork partners with parents, teachers, administrators, food service staff, and after-school coordinators to create and form a Garden Team Committee that is responsible and accountable for the school’s edible garden program from one year to the next.  In the past edible school gardens would rise and fall based on the the commitment of one parent or one teacher.  Now with Yolo Farm to Fork’s school garden support system, we provide each school’s Garden Team Committee with the focus, direction, and accountability to make their garden an integral part of the school’s culture and educational experience.  We provide each team with coaching, professional development, technical resources, and garden supplies to ensure their garden program is supported and sustained into the future.

We use a diversified fundraising model, not government funding, that provides us the resources and stability to sustain our edible school gardens into the future. We collaborate and partner with local agriculture businesses, restuarants, School Districts, Parent-Teacher Associations, charitable Foundations, and non-profit organizations to financially support our program and raise awareness about the value of garden-centered and farm-based education. This diversified fundraising model provides us the resources and stability to sustain our edible school gardens.