West Sac School Gardens

wSac garden logo copy 2 (1)The West Sac School Gardens program includes 10 public and private elementary schools dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences through edibles school gardens, while teaching sustainability and environmental stewardship.  

Our program is committed to starting and sustaining edible gardens that connect West Sacramento children to the values and benefits of farm-to-table food systems.




Harvesting Lettuce

Harvesting lettuce to make a salad.

Program Focus

  • Recruit and maintain a strong base of volunteers;
  • Secure garden resources and funding;
  • Provide technical assistance with grant development and logistics;
  • Reduce barriers that inhibit garden development in every school for every child.


For more information, or to sponsor a garden, contact:
Meiling Hunter (Meilinghunter@gmail.com)
Stacy Grow (sweetiestace16@yahoo.com)