Tips to Grow Your Best Summer Garden 

Who doesn’t want to have the best summer vegetable garden in the neighborhood or the most beautiful vegetables ready for students to harvest and eat in August. Here are some of our Top Tips for making sure your summer garden is at it’s best through the hot summer months.

  • Feed Your Plants
    • Well fed vegetable plants produce more fruit and sing when you walk by.
    • Apply liquid fertilizer to the hungry crops – tomatoes, peppers, squash.
    • Feed your plants every 7 to 10 days. Hungry plants are grouchy plants.
  • Water, Water, and Water some more!
    • Most vegetable plants require two inches of water per week.
    • Water the roots and during the morning to avoid mildew.
    • Mulch is your friend! 2 to 3 inches keeps plants cool and conserves water.
  • Pick Those Pests
    • Check for pests bi-weekly. Hornworms and stinkbugs love tomatoes, while squash bugs really love…well…squash.
    • Pick the critters and drop them in soapy water. To relieve pent up tension squish the bugs between your fingers or squash them under your boot.
    • Keep your garden tools clean. Pests and diseases are sneaky.

Visit our website for more Top Tips for Your Best Summer Garden.


Growing Lunch Program is in Full Bloom

Our Growing Lunch Program is celebrating it’s 1st birthday and we’re excited to see it grow and expand into new schools. The program empowers elementary students to learn how to grow, harvest, and eat fresh produce at schools while sustaining edible gardens on site. Since September 2016, six schools enrolled in the pilot program grew and harvested over 800 pounds of fresh vegetables served in school lunches.

The Growing Lunch Program is made possible through the generous support from the Yocha Dehe Community Fund, SacRepublic FC, and inividual donations.

Read more about our Growing Lunch Program in an article published by the Daily Democrat.

Dig In Yolo at Kitchen428
Sunday August 27th

Save The Date! Sunday, August 27th Yolo Farm to Fork will partner with Mojo’s Kitchen428 to host a Dig In Yolo 4-course pre fixe dinner to highlihgt local farmers, wineries, and breweries; all to support schools to plant the seeds of healthy living. Funds raised during the event will be used to restore the school garden at Dingle Elementary in Woodland.

Tickets go on sale in early July.

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