Dig In Yolo

Our countywide edible garden program, Dig In Yolo, supports public and private schools and community groups dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences growing healthy food.  We want kids to eat what they grow, learn where good food comes from, and develop a taste for local fruits and vegetables, while sustain the earth that produces them.

Our Dig In Yolo program provides the following services and materials:

Seeds and plants

Organic compost

Weed control bark


Garden learning activities

Grant opportunities

Technical resources

We are committed to starting and sustianing edible gardens that connect children and families to the values and benefits of farm-to-table food systems.

We partner with people and organizations for our programs and events, and also appreciate in-kind gifts.  As a volunteer organization, we welcome your contributions of time, energy, and expertise to advance our programs.

The generosity of our supporters allows our work to grow and thrive – and directly impacts how many children our programs reach.  Your support and partnership will be put ot work immediately in a way that most benefits kis and families in Yolo County.

For more information, or to sponsor a garden project, contact:

Anya Perron-Burdick (Anya.Burdick@yolofarmtofork.org)

Little farmers grow carrots!
Growing lettuce.
Growing together.