Nugget Scrip

SCRIP-smAn easy way to support Yolo Farm to Fork is to use a Nugget scrip card each time you make purchases at any Nugget Market and also at Cameron Park, Vallejo and Woodland Food 4 Less stores. The card is free and must be activated for immediate use.

Present it to the cashier before the sale is final and up to 4% of your purchases will be donated to us.

Nugget Markets Scrip Program attributes include:

  • 100% free to individual participants and organizations
  • No need to pre-load your Scrip card
  • Scrip cards can be used for all Nugget Markets purchases
  • Donate up to 4% of your Nugget Markets purchases to Yolo Farm to Fork
  • Multiple cards can be registered under one Nugget Markets Scrip Account so families can earn a greater donation
  • Scrip cards can be used at any Nugget Markets locations and at our Food 4 Less franchises in Cameron Park, Woodland and Vallejo

Please contact us at (530) 219-5859 or at and we will send you a Nugget scrip card today!

To participate in Nugget’s Scrip Program, you must create a Nugget Markets Scrip Account to allow you to select Yolo Farm to Fork as your beneficiary. If you do not have a Nugget Markets Scrip Account, you will not earn a monthly donation for Yolo Farm to Fork.

Scrip cards should be presented to the cashier each time you shop, and must be presented before your sale is final. Nugget Markets Scrip Accounts are valid from September 1 – August 31 to coincide with the school year, and must be reactivated each year during Scrip Reactivation Month (August).

Click here to activate your card: